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how to list services on website: butterfly in three different stages of development

How to List Services on Your Website: Secrets to Rockin’ It

How can we list our services on our website in a way that’s clear, effortless, and captivating? These three quick tips will get you where you ....
Fun Summer Activities: a dandelion full of seeds in a field at sunset

Fun Summer Activities: Constellations, Fairy Gardens, and More…

If you’re looking for fun summer activities for the coming warm months, look no further! From constellation spotting and fairy gardens to ....
Trello for Business: screenshot of a trello board with lots of text and images

Trello for Business Owners: 3 Creative Ways to Get Organized

Take your organization and work processes to a whole new level with these three creative Trello tips for business owners! What is Trello? Trello is a ....
When is it Time to Redesign Your Website? three tarot cards laid out in a row, with swans on them

When is it Time to Redesign Your Website? The 10 Surefire Signs

If you’re been wondering when is it time to redesign your website, see if you’ve caught yourself thinking or saying any of these 10 ....
The Thank You List: a typewriter with the words for "thank you" on the page in six languages

The Thank You List: Become a Master of Expressing Gratitude

A “Thank You List” will allow you to always know who in your life you want to express gratitude towards, making yourself and others feel ....
Wondering What to Put in a Website Footer? an example of a creatively designed and very colorful website footer

Wondering What to Put in a Website Footer? Here’s 10 Great Ideas

If you’ve ever been wondering what to put in your website footer, it’s all about intention and authenticity. These 10 tips for a great ....
What Do You Need To Be Happy? a white book laying in the bed sheets with the word "LESS" on the spine

What Do You Need To Be Happy? It Might Be Right in Front of You.

What do you need to be happy? If you adjust your frame of mind, you might discover that everything you need to be happy is, in fact, right in front of ....
a blue cereal bowl with a spoon and no cereal inside, just empty

How to Make a Website Look Professional: 5 Tricks of the Trade

Maybe you have a DIY site and you’re wondering how to make a website look professional. These five 5 pro-tips will get your website looking like ....
am I making the right decision? close up of the delete button on a computer keyboard

“Am I Making the Right Decision?” – Avoid Regret Once and For All

When we’re faced with an important choice, it’s common for us to think “Am I making the right decision?” Here are three simple ....

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