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how to let it go - person's hands freeing into the sky

How to Let It Go: 3 Ways to Find Calm With What You Can’t Control

When despite all our preparations and precautions things just don’t go as planned, sometimes how to let it go is all about looking for the good. ....
your personal brand - desk with keyboard, notepad, and pens

Your Personal Brand: 3 Subtle But Powerful Ways to Step It Up

Personal branding is like business branding except it’s all about YOU – in short, your personal brand is how you communicate your value to ....
site slow to load - woman driving a car

Speed Up Your Site: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

There is just about NOTHING worse than a website that is slow to load. If your website is performing sluggishly, here are five things you can do to ....
Should I delete my Facebook? Woman in a beautiful natural setting looking at her phone looking anxious

3 Reasons I Knew It Was Time to Delete My Facebook Account

“Should I delete my Facebook account?” is a question that more and more of us are asking ourselves these days. If these three signs feel ....
zero inbox how to keep one

Zero Inbox: How to Get it and Make it Last

Have you always looked at people who maintain a zero (empty) inbox and wondered how on earth they do it? Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to ....

Learning to Ride the Ebb and Flow of Business (and Life)

Sometimes the best thing to do during “slow” or “down” times is to just hold on. I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I started a ....
best contact us page examples

5 Best Contact Us Pages & What We Love About Each

These five examples of the best contact pages on the web will show you how to create a contact us page that sparks leads for your business. Pop quiz: ....
women of color quotes - a colorful bouquet of flowers

11 Inspiring Quotes From Women of Color

After growing tired of Googling “inspiring quotes” and finding for the most part a whole lot of quotes from white men, I decided to ....
Janelle at her desk with colored pencils

3 Women Artists Doing Things Their Way

These three women artists have tremendous creativity, passion, and drive that is sure to inspire you! SO very many of my clients sincerely amaze me ....

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