Client Testimonials

Hear from clients I've worked with in the past - in their own words.

"Janelle is masterful in guiding you through the web design process, clearly explaining each step along the way, from discovery to launch. She is extremely creative, patient, caring, a great communicator, and genuinely invested in creating a website that is aligned with you and your business."

Maria Sylvester, life coach in Ann Arbor Michigan

Maria Sylvester
Life Empowerment Coaching

"Janelle’s authentic passion is compelling. So many other people are just into the mechanics, Janelle takes the time to understand me - sometimes better than I understand myself - and then gives me what is perfect for me."

Kevin Suboski EOS implementor and coach in Ann Arbor MI

Kevin Suboski
EOS Implementer

"Janelle created for us a website that is much more visually appealing, professional looking, and that is much more closely aligned with our values, culture, and style. Had I known the process could be like our experience with Ellanyze, we would have done it years ago."

Jean Steppe of Steppe Solutions Event Engineers in Ann Arbor MI

Jean Steppe
Steppe Solutions Event Engineers

"She provided helpful information and samples along the way, and immediate and supportive help when I needed it - and then some! She really delivered a beautiful website that absolutely reflects me and my work and passion. I would give Janelle way more rating stars than permitted here."

Kristen Storey Consulting

Kristen Storey
Talents Coach & Consultant

"Janelle embodies an unbeatable, unshakable combination of sensitivity and professionalism. She was patient, thorough, and gave attention to every little detail as well as the big picture."

Lori Gray Mindful Michigan

Lori Gray
Mindful Michigan

"Janelle was always very responsive and even helped me work through some roadblocks. The site is beautiful and simple for me to update as well. I highly recommend Janelle to other small business owners who need a professionally designed website."

Teresa Pilarz Headshot - Espresso Elevado

Teresa Pilarz
Owner, Espresso Elevado

"Professional and charmingly efficient. This is how I would describe my experience with Janelle in building my website. She operates with an ease and experience that makes the entire process the way it should be - easy."

Lizzie Thomas Jazz Vocalist

Lizzie Thomas Gold
Jazz Vocalist

"Janelle is a master at her craft, instantly making what seems impossible very possible. She uses her web design savvy to make your website not only visually beautiful but streamlined and effective. Makes you and your business look like Rock Stars!"

Monica Gobba owner of Live in Balance Consulting

Monica Gobba
Live in Balance Consulting

"Janelle took the time to know about my work and what my concerns were regarding the website. Her fee was more than reasonable considering the excellent service and product. I highly recommend her."

Gail Goodman Owner of Talking Alternatives

Gail Goodman
Talking Alternatives

"Everything about Janelle's process was incredibly well thought out, from the initial meeting to help me organize the overall parameters, to the methods of data collection, and eventual launching of the site. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out."

Ellen Rowe Headshot

Ellen Rowe

"Janelle has created two websites for me so far. I appreciated her clear directions on what she needed from me to create the sites. She also is knowledgeable in all the latest technologies and continues to provide excellent customer service and advice on any changes that need to be made. I highly recommend her."

Sheila Earley Headshot

Sheila Earley
Musician & Recruiter

"I am fairly nontech-savvy and Janelle made sure that wasn’t an issue. She is a professional through and through and I am very appreciative of all the time, energy, and creativity that she gave to my project. Thank you, Janelle, for being an amazing partner in my web development!"

Lanie Von Ogden Headshot

Lanie Von Ogden

"Janelle is a top-notch professional who is easy to communicate with, extremely organized, and has so many creative ideas. I have recommended her work to many colleagues and will continue to hire her for all of my design needs!"

Brenda Earle Stokes Headshot

Brenda Earle Stokes
Educator & Pianist

"Janelle is extremely clear, knowledgeable, professional and artistic. She asked all the right questions and had a very clear idea of what I was looking for. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf Headshot

Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf

"From day one, Janelle took the time to explore ways a new site might better represent me and how visitors’ experiences might be enhanced, etc. Janelle put her thoughtfulness, diligence, aesthetic sense, and dedication to work in designing MY site, one that is far beyond what I could’ve hoped for."

Sara Caswell Headshot

Sara Caswell

Are you ready for a website that truly aligns with you?