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broken plate smashed to pieces

3 Ways to Avoid (Ugh) Broken Links

Nothing says “unprofessional” like broken links on your website, so let’s get to fixing them, shall we? Here’s how to find ....
cake with colorful icing

If Your Website is the Cake, These 3 Things Are the Icing on Top

If you’re going to bother hiring someone to make a nice website for you, you’d be smart to invest in these three ....

50,000 Hand-Painted Honey Bees … And Not Just For the “Buzz” of It

Matt Willey is on a journey to hand paint 50,000 honey bees – the same number of bees in a hive – by way of murals and art installations ....
Woman and dog sitting overlooking the water

How I Took 3 Weeks Off: Dos & Don’ts for Entrepreneurs Taking Vacation Time

If you’re a business owner, you CAN take time off for yourself when you need to – and I’m not talking about a day here and there. ....
alternative other words for blog

What’s in a Word? 50 Alternatives When “Blog” Just Isn’t Good Enough

Often times we’ll name the page for our posts “Blog” without giving it a second thought – but the truth is, there are about a ....
woman dancing freely in the open air

Let Yourself Off the Hook With These 4 Questions (Because You Deserve It!)

Whatever you’ve been beating yourself up over not having gotten done, maybe it’s time you let yourself off the hook for once. We often ....
woman and puppy dog smiling

#puppylife i.e. The Subtle Art of “Recalibration”

When you get a puppy, everything changes. It requires a total “recalibration” of your life as you know it. What other things in life ....
little girl singing and playing guitar on the street for money

Sing It Like You Mean It!

When was the last time you decided to go ALL in with everything you’ve got? I attended my nephew’s first karate belt ceremony a few weeks ....
woman sitting at her laptop working on SEO

3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Improve Your Website’s SEO

It doesn’t take long to realize that stepping into the world of SEO is the beginning of a very deep rabbit hole. To simplify matters, here are ....

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