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a woman walking into the ocean in her bathing suit

What Have You Grown “Too Old” For?

This blog might not be about what you *think* it’s about. What have you grown too old for? Whatever it is, name it, claim it, and then let it....
what do you say when a prospect asks if you can go down in price?

5 Answers to the Question “Are You Able to Go Down in Price?”

When you send a prospect your proposal and they answer with “I’m afraid that’s out of my budget. Are you able to go down in....
an empty bench at sunrise

A Lesson in Patience

Is there something in your life you’ve made a deadline for that doesn’t actually need one? Getting a Move On … Or Not Early last....
person dialing on an old rotary phone

Website Contact Forms 101: Must-Have Tips + Examples We Love

Do you have a contact form on your website? If so you’re in luck – because you’re about to get five tips for upping your conversion....
a car gaining more and more speed - the blurry view of movement out the window

The Power of Momentum (& Making It Work for You)

If you ever struggle with procrastination or motivation (in other words if you’re a normal person), the power of momentum could be the secret to....
outside the box thinking

Think Outside the Box

I recently witnessed someone do something completely outside the box on her website, and it kind of knocked my socks off. Last week I was chatting....
confused dog

Know Your Stuff? That’s Great … Just Remember They Don’t!

One of the easiest mistakes to make as a business owner is forgetting how MUCH you know and how WELL you know it, and then talking to your clients in....
two girls relaxing in a hammock

Rituals: A Wonderful Way to Get More of the Good Stuff in Life

Are there things in your life that you wish you had more of? Make them a ritual, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. I have a friend with....
woman waiting impatiently with her hands around her head

Waiting for an Answer? Take Care of Yourself: 3 Ways

When you’re waiting for an answer … especially from someone you submitted a proposal to – the waiting can be excruciating! Here are....
young woman looking at a website on her phone

3 Creative Ways to Use E-Commerce on Your Website

What’s that you say? You’re not an “E-Commerce” business? Not so fast. After you read about these three creative ways to make....
young girl running in an open field

The Beauty of Looking Forward

At this moment, do you have something to look forward to? If not, let’s change that – and here’s why. On a cold day in February, I....
Two women talking at a table - sales conversation or interview

Your 2 Untapped Superpowers for Sales Calls & Interviews

How do you think you come across during interviews or calls with prospective clients? Regardless of what is talked about, there are two unspoken....
a person at the top of a tall sand dune

Perseverance at Its Finest: The 1 Secret to Not Giving Up

When someone perseveres through all obstacles to achieve their vision, what is their secret? I’ll tell you. This week, I received a text from an....
little things in business - a miniature green office chair

It’s All in the Details: 5 “Little Things” That Matter BIG Time in Business

We all know what the BIG things are in business owner life, such as providing top-notch service for your customers. But what often doesn’t get....
hand holding up several hundred dollar bills

Before You Set Your Prices, Read This.

Many business owners charge by the hour, and while there’s not necessarily anything *wrong* with that, there are a lot of things it does NOT....

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