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Two women talking at a table - sales conversation or interview

Your 2 Untapped Superpowers for Sales Calls & Interviews

How do you think you come across during interviews or calls with prospective clients? Regardless of what is talked about, there are two unspoken ....
a person at the top of a tall sand dune

Perseverance at Its Finest: The 1 Secret to Not Giving Up

When someone perseveres through all obstacles to achieve their vision, what is their secret? I’ll tell you. This week, I received a text from an ....
little things in business - a miniature green office chair

It’s All in the Details: 5 “Little Things” That Matter BIG Time in Business

We all know what the BIG things are in business owner life, such as providing top-notch service for your customers. But what often doesn’t get ....
hand holding up several hundred dollar bills

Before You Set Your Prices, Read This.

Many business owners charge by the hour, and while there’s not necessarily anything *wrong* with that, there are a lot of things it does NOT ....
take care of yourself during busy times - man fell asleep at computer

3 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Busy Times

What’s the first thing to fall off the radar when life gets extraordinarily busy? Self-care of course. Here are three ways you can continue to ....
ways to say no when you don't want to do something

Don’t Wanna Do It? 10 Ways to Say “No”

We all have times when we’re asked to do things we don’t want to do. If you typically say yes anyway or give an excuse that doesn’t ....
DIY website mistakes and how to fix them - all sorts of DIY tools like tape, scissors, and paper

5 Common DIY Website Mistakes (& How to Fix Them)

Almost ALL business owners have a DIY (do it yourself) website at the start. If you still have a DIY site, here are five mistakes you just might be ....
website footers

3 Website Footers I Love & Why

I scoured the Internet looking for truly unique and creative footers to share with YOU and these are the three I liked best. Get inspired and maybe ....
man crying because his website went down

What to Do When Your Website Goes Down

When your website unexpectedly goes down, it can be pretty easy to freak out. But fear not! Following this easy 5 step process will ensure ....

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