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an ocean and sunset very serene

Finding Flow: 4 Paths to Getting “In the Zone”

Finding FLOW is discovering “a mental state in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus and enjoyment in an activity, ....
blue typewriter website copy writing tips

Writing Copy for Websites: 3 Secret Tricks of the Trade

When you’re writing copy for websites, it helps to have a few pointers from the pros to get you started. These three will do nicely! When we ....
woman facing her fear crossing a bridge

How to Face Your Fears: 3 Remedies for Overcoming Dread

How to face your fears all comes down to reframing in the mind. Use these three proven techniques to move through your dread. You CAN overcome! When ....
recipe for a staycation - tulips sitting on a window sill

Things to Do On Staycation: 5 Tips to Have a Great One

When it comes to things to do on Staycation, the sky is really the limit! Enjoy these tips for planning the perfect Staycation for you, and creative ....
easiest ways to send large files

How to Send Large Files Over the Internet Fast and Free

These five methods for how to send large files over the internet are all fast – and all free. Take your pick! Pop Quiz: what do you do when ....
secrets to fantastic client - a lit sign of a handshake relationships

5 Keys to Successful Client Relationships: This Will Change Everything

Happy clients equal a happy business, and these 5 keys to successful client relationships will give you the happiest business of all. Picture your ....
how to get better at multitasking - a doodle drawing with lots of symbols and pictures

How to Get Better at Multitasking: 3 Tips

If you’re wondering how to get better at multitasking, look no further. These three tips will have you spinning plates in no time. There are ....
marketing workflow without wearing yourself out man walking up the steps

Marketing Overwhelm: 3 Smart Tips to Avoid Burnout

Marketing overwhelm is real, and all too common. This entrepreneurship game is a marathon, not a sprint, so it’s imperative that we learn how ....
add inspiration to your workspace - an iMac on a fancy desk with plants and artwork all around

Home Office Ideas for Her: 5 Ways to Add Inspiration!

These home office ideas for her will help you to create a workspace that keeps you motivated and inspired.  What your workspace looks like – ....

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