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what makes your business unique: a purple tulip in a sea of pink tulips

What Makes Your Business Unique: Uncover the Uncommon in You

What makes your business unique all comes down to you: your approach, your experience, your style, and your way of doing things. Let’s bring ....
best keyboard shortcuts: computer keyboard laying on a desk

Best Keyboard Shortcuts: Add Hours to Your Life

After learning these best keyboard shortcuts, you’ll take your computer efficiency to a new level! I pretty much LIVE for efficiency, and so it ....
laptop with beautiful desktop image sitting on a coffee table

Website Homepage Ideas: 3 Designs That Will Inspire You

Website homepage ideas come from inspiration, and these three websites REALLY knocked it out of the park, so here are some quick tips you can take ....
how to stay creative: a round loaf of bread with beautiful ornate carvings in the crust

How to Stay Creative: What 3 Artists Did During COVID

Just wait until you see what these three creative artists made in their homes during Covid quarantine. Whatever your situation is, chances are ....
website content ideas: bouquet of tulips laying on top of a white computer keyboard

Website Content Ideas: 20 ways to “Freshen Up” Your Website

Website content ideas in spring are just the thing, so here are 20 suggestions to inspire and ignite you. The trees are budding, the daffodils are ....
unplug yourself: beautiful pink clouds at sunset

Unplug Yourself: 3 Tips to Feel More Peaceful

When you unplug yourself from technology for just a while, it can open up space for creativity, inspiration, and insight. You probably don’t ....
how to laugh more: a young Asian boy laughing and smiling

How to Laugh More: 3 Ways to Get Laughter Into Your Life

How to laugh more often all comes down to intention, so here are three ways to take the laughter in your life and run with it! Last week a friend of ....
creative website ideas: two feet sticking up in the air, wearing black converse

Creative Website Ideas: 5 Ways to Put a Little “You” Into Your Website

Put more of your personality into your website with these five creative website ideas. Anyone who knows me knows that when I work with my clients on ....
life lessons learned: someone looking through a pair of glasses that they're holding

Life Lessons Learned: How a “Lesson Journal” Will Change Everything

When our life lessons learned go into a “lesson journal,” we can finally stop making those same silly mistakes over and over again. How ....

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