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women of color quotes - a colorful bouquet of flowers

11 Inspiring Quotes From Women of Color

After growing tired of Googling “inspiring quotes” and finding for the most part a whole lot of quotes from white men, I decided to ....
Janelle at her desk with colored pencils

3 Women Artists Doing Things Their Way

These three women artists have tremendous creativity, passion, and drive that is sure to inspire you! SO very many of my clients sincerely amaze me ....
make your clients love you

Make Your Clients L-O-V-E You: 5 Ways to Rock Their World

The best ways to make your clients love you are all about thought and care. Enjoy these five ways to make your clients feel like total rock stars! Why ....
how to get motivated

How to Get Motivated: The Best Trick to Getting in Gear NOW

How to get motivated all comes down to one thing. Learn how to “trick yourself” so you can get in gear NOW and start moving towards your ....
website landing page design

Designing a Website Landing Page: The 10 Key Components

How do you design a landing page for your website? These 10 key components are the secret to creating a landing page that sparks ACTION. What is a ....
business weekly to do list - a creatively decorated planner

Your Business Desperately Needs a Weekly “To Do” List – Here’s Why

A weekly to do list is one of the BEST things you can do for your business. It will save you from ever forgetting any of those teeny tiny (but very ....
website color psychology - rainbow hot air balloon flying over the desert

Website Color Psychology: Which Palette Is Right For YOU?

The choice of what color palette to use on your website should have very little to do with your personal preferences and everything to do with ....
great professional relationship - two smiley face stickers on a table

Business Bliss: The 5 Signs of an Outstanding Professional Relationship

What are the signs of a great professional relationship? Read on to learn which of your working relationships are well worth your time and energy, and ....
Begin living a minimalist lifestyle - two white doors opening up to an empty white room

My Adventures in Minimalism: 5 Questions to Change Your Life

How does one begin living a minimalist lifestyle? While there is no one perfect place to begin, these five questions will undoubtedly start you on the ....

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