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how to laugh more: a young Asian boy laughing and smiling

How to Laugh More: 3 Ways to Get Laughter Into Your Life

How to laugh more often all comes down to intention, so here are three ways to take the laughter in your life and run with it! Last week a friend of ....
creative website ideas: two feet sticking up in the air, wearing black converse

Creative Website Ideas: 5 Ways to Put a Little “You” Into Your Website

Put more of your personality into your website with these five creative website ideas. Anyone who knows me knows that when I work with my clients on ....
life lessons learned: someone looking through a pair of glasses that they're holding

Life Lessons Learned: How a “Lesson Journal” Will Change Everything

When our life lessons learned go into a “lesson journal,” we can finally stop making those same silly mistakes over and over again. How ....
how to have the best vacation ever: teal car driving by the sand and the ocean

How to Have the Best Vacation Ever: It’s Not What You Think!

When we think about how to have the best vacation ever, rarely do we think about how much we look FORWARD to it beforehand. My longtime friend is ....
fun ways to cure the winter blues: a bouquet roses on top of a window with an icy cold white winter outside

Fun Ways to Cure the Winter Blues

These fun ways to cure the winter blues will break up the monotony, get the juices flowing, and spark inspiration and creativity. If you’ve ....
Cool WordPress Plugins: a laptop on top of a table with a very colorful wallpaper in the background

Cool WordPress Plugins in 2021: Fun and Free!

Here are five fun and free cool WordPress plugins that might just help your business in 2021. Enjoy! One of the coolest things about WordPress is ....
website makeover: two contrasting bouquets of flowers on two different colored backgrounds

Website Makeover: from Dull to Dazzling in Just 1 Day

Who knew that a website makeover can happen in just one day? That’s what we did for Alexa, and just wait until you see the before and after ....
benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles: the corner of a jigsaw puzzle in progress

Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles: 3 Life Lessons

I never would have thought the benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles would have included these life lessons. I’ve done a WHOLE lot of puzzling ....
life before COVID: reflection in a puddle of a woman holing an umbrella, bright blue sky behind her

Life Before COVID: That Thing Formerly Known as “Your Life”

Have you almost forgotten about the thing formerly known as your life before COVID? I had a singularly strange and eye-opening experience yesterday, ....

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