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how to keep new year's resolutions: view of the ocean and horizon

Here’s How to Keep New Years Resolutions: A *Different* Approach

Everyone wants to know how to keep New Years resolutions. 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail because a) we make resolutions for all the wrong ....
2021 Web Design Trends: quadrants of four retro style designs

2021 Web Design Trends: Here’s What’s Coming Up This Year

2021 is here, so check out these web design trends that are now upon us! With each new year comes new goals, new ideas, new vaccines, and of course, ....
End of the Year Reflection Questions: a single wild flower on top of the page of an open book

End of the Year Reflection Questions: Let’s Take a Moment

Before we rush into goals and resolutions for the new year, let’s take a moment with these end of the year reflection questions. It’ll ....
How to Feel Happy Again: silverware inside a wooden drawer in a white kitchen

Back to (Your) Basics or How to Feel Happy Again

When we’re wondering how to feel happy again, we’d do well to return to our “basics” – meaning, the most fundamental ....
Cultivating Gratitude: Thank You! on a background of fall autumnal leaves

Cultivating Gratitude: Two Magic Words

In difficult times, cultivating gratitude with these two magic words can turn everything around. Any entrepreneur will tell you that as grand as ....
what to do if someone doesn't reply to your email: crystal ball sitting on the edge of a cliff

What to Do if Someone Doesn’t Reply to Your Email: A New Approach

When you’re frantically wondering what to do when someone doesn’t reply to your email, it’s very easy for your imagination to run ....
what does above the fold mean? a food website on a laptop sitting atop a stylish table

What Does Above the Fold Mean in Web Design? 5 Tips to Rock it

What does the phrase “above the fold” mean in the web design world? Find out, as well as five ways to completely and utterly rock it. In ....
Dealing with Uncertainty: a road in the woods leading into the fog

Dealing with Uncertainty: 5 Ways to Find Inner Peace

Five ways to take care of yourself and find calm when dealing with uncertainty. If you’re anything at all like me, you might enjoy having ....
Indoor Winter Activities for Adults: frost on a window pane in winter

Indoor Winter Activities for Adults: 10 Hobby Ideas You’ll Love

These 10 hobby ideas make the perfect indoor winter activities for adults when the weather gets cold. It’s that time of year again. Most of ....

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