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Forgive Yourself – Instantly

Sometimes the most important person we need forgiveness from is ourself. Any of my readers could tell you that I send out an issue of my Short & ....
quote on the window of a boxing studio

12 Stories of Failure Before Success That Will Inspire You

Just imagine what these 12 highly-known individuals would have missed out on if they’d given up after they failed. Instead, they persevered and ....
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Choosing Photos? Avoid These 4 Pitfalls

Within the entire process of putting your website together, choosing your photos has got to be one of the most fun parts. But before you get lost in ....
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6 Ways to Create Boundaries in Your Business That Take Care of YOU

We’ve all been guilty from time to time of trying to please our clients – at the expense of our own mental health. These six practices for ....
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The 5 Steps to Commit to Something You Want to Be Doing (and Aren’t)

Almost all of us have something in life that we very much desire to do but just aren’t. Below are five ways to commit to making that vision a ....
woman at laptop looking overwhelmed

5 Signs Your Website Might Be Overwhelming Your Visitors

Hands on their head in distress is NOT exactly what you’re hoping people will do while visiting your website, right? Below are five signs your ....
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Breathe a Sigh of Relief With These 3 Decluttering Apps I Love

Ideas and creativity can flow so much easier when we’re in a clean and uncluttered space. If you’re looking to minimize the amount of ....
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The Secret to Productivity? Be a Hermit (For a Little While)

When it comes down to it, the true key to productivity is to be a hermit (for a little while anyway). It’s the beautiful simplicity of cutting ....
Sprouts growing in soil

The 5 Smartest Investments to Make in Your Business

In a world where there is someone who’ll do just about ANYTHING for you, it’s easy for our expenses to quickly get out of control. But ....

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