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End of the Year Reflection Questions: a single wild flower on top of the page of an open book

End of the Year Reflection Questions: Let’s Take a Moment

Before we rush into goals and resolutions for the new year, let’s take a moment with these end of the year reflection questions. It’ll....
How to Feel Happy Again: silverware inside a wooden drawer in a white kitchen

Back to (Your) Basics or How to Feel Happy Again

When we’re wondering how to feel happy again, we’d do well to return to our “basics” – meaning, the most fundamental....
what to do if someone doesn't reply to your email: crystal ball sitting on the edge of a cliff

What to Do if Someone Doesn’t Reply to Your Email: A New Approach

When you’re frantically wondering what to do when someone doesn’t reply to your email, it’s very easy for your imagination to run....
Dealing with Uncertainty: a road in the woods leading into the fog

Dealing with Uncertainty: 5 Ways to Find Inner Peace

Five ways to take care of yourself and find calm when dealing with uncertainty. If you’re anything at all like me, you might enjoy having....
Feeling Disconnected From People: a mural of two hands open palm up with lots of colors

Feeling Disconnected From People? These 5 Remedies Will Help

If you’re feeling disconnected from people or a little lonely since the onset of the pandemic, you are not alone – and these 5 remedies....
how to turn around a bad day: a rainy day outside of a window

How to Turn Around a Bad Day: 4 Ways to Lift Your Mood

When you’re having a *really* bad day, these four things may just help you to turn it around. Two blogs ago, I talked about giving ourselves....
mindful self compassion: woman standing downtown against a brick wall looking downward

Mindful Self Compassion: Give Yourself Permission to Feel _________.

What would happen if using mindful self compassion we gave ourselves complete and total permission to feel however we’re feeling right now in....
Self Care for Entrepreneurs: two young children walking down a dirt road arm in arm

Self Care for Entrepreneurs: Build a Business That Takes Care of YOU

These three self care for entrepreneurs tips will allow you to build a business that first and foremost takes care of you. I’ve always found....
The Thank You List: a typewriter with the words for "thank you" on the page in six languages

The Thank You List: Become a Master of Expressing Gratitude

A “Thank You List” will allow you to always know who in your life you want to express gratitude towards, making yourself and others feel....

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