My Story: From Music to Web Design

My desire to create Ellanyze arose from a deep longing within to serve heart-centered business owners in a meaningful and powerful way.

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The Ellanyze Mission

I've learned first-hand that when we put as much of our personality, our passion, our values, our culture, and our style into our own brand and website as we can, that's when the magic happens. That's when we effortlessly attract the people we are meant to serve and who will absolutely cherish working with us.

My mission in Ellanyze is to do just this for heart-centered business owners like you. If you know deep down that you have a HUGE gift to give to the world, and you're ready for your audience to discover you, let's talk and make it happen.

Musical Notes

Did you know I'm also a musician? It's true. I spent a decade in NYC making a living playing jazz clarinet and saxophone. Ellanyze was born when I began to feel a calling - to use my creativity and expression beyond the musical realm - to help heart-centered entrepreneurs transform their vision of sharing their gifts and brilliance with the world into a reality. If you're curious, check out what I did in the jazz world or what I'm doing now in the singer-songwriter realm!

What's in a word?

Ellanyze is a combination of the words Ella (meaning “she”), and Synchronize. To me, Ellanyze represents the feminine that I embody and bring to my work, as well as the synchronization that will happen in our work together: my favorite thing in the world is getting to know you for who you really are, seeing your passion, your uniqueness, and your gifts - and then creating a brand and website that are a perfect reflection of that.

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Janelle Reichman
Founder & Owner of Ellanyze

Ellanyze in the Press

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"Janelle is masterful in guiding you through the web design process, clearly explaining each step along the way, from discovery to launch. She is extremely creative, patient, caring, a great communicator, and genuinely invested in creating a website that is aligned with you and your business."


Maria Sylvester
Life Empowerment Coaching

"Janelle’s authentic passion is compelling. So many other people are just into the mechanics, Janelle takes the time to understand me - sometimes better than I understand myself - and then gives me what is perfect for me."

Kevin Suboski EOS implementor and coach in Ann Arbor MI

Kevin Suboski
Business Coach & Mentor

"Janelle created for us a website that is much more visually appealing, professional looking, and that is much more closely aligned with our values, culture, and style. Had I known the process could be like our experience with Ellanyze, we would have done it years ago."

Jean Steppe of Steppe Solutions Event Engineers in Ann Arbor MI

Jean Steppe
Steppe Solutions Event Engineers