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little girl looking nervous in a ballet studio

When the Need for Fear Is an Illusion

Have you ever felt cripplingly nervous about something only to realize that in reality there was no reason to feel that way? I’m usually no....
dying dried out roses next to flourishing beautiful roses

10 Fixes for an Inexplicably Sad Day

Here are 10 ideas for turning that frown upside down when you wake up feeling blue. Ever have a day when you wake up feeling positively, undoubtedly....
roses for valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day to ME

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day. And despite what the mass media might be telling you, what’s the most important thing on this day (and....
congrats balloons at a party

Congrats! … Now What?

Why is it that when we finally achieve something we’ve been working toward for so long, it can sometimes feel anticlimactic? A few weeks ago I....
ring of pens and pencils

Haiku Yourself to Contentment

The next time you’re feeling one way and would prefer to feel another, try the “haiku yourself to contentment” method. Well, after....
red velvet curtains

Who Gets to Enter Your VIP Area?

Never forget that the best part of owning your own business is that YOU get to decide who can enter your realm and who doesn’t make the cut....
celebrate new years your way

New Year’s Choose Your Own Adventure

How will you ring in the new year? Take 10 minutes, pick one of these five ideas, and do what works for YOU. I’m a big believer in the idea that....
gold star stickers

You Deserve a Gold Star

The gold star method you *may* remember from kindergarten is making a comeback. Here’s why as adults we deserve gold stars now more than ever....
road sign with wavy arroow

So, Change of Plans…

When things, erm, take an unexpected turn and you end up having to throw all your plans out the window, how do you deal? I crashed my bike last week....

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