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laptop on an outdoor table with flowers, glass of water, sunny day

Procrastination Hacks: 3 Ways to Get Going

If you’re like most people, you don’t *always* procrastinate – just for the things you really don’t want to do. Here are three....
Gmail inbox on a laptop

Spend LESS Time Emailing With These 8 Tips

If you’re like most people, it’s nothing but email email email all day long, a constant stream of mental clutter coming at you from dawn....
woman playing a musical keyboard

The 5 Steps to Commit to Something You Want to Be Doing (and Aren’t)

Almost all of us have something in life that we very much desire to do but just aren’t. Below are five ways to commit to making that vision a....
isolated cabin in the woods

The Secret to Productivity? Be a Hermit (For a Little While)

When it comes down to it, the true key to productivity is to be a hermit (for a little while anyway). It’s the beautiful simplicity of cutting....
Should I delete my Facebook? Woman in a beautiful natural setting looking at her phone looking anxious

3 Reasons I Knew It Was Time to Delete My Facebook Account

“Should I delete my Facebook account?” is a question that more and more of us are asking ourselves these days. If these three signs feel....
zero inbox how to keep one

Zero Inbox: How to Get it and Make it Last

Have you always looked at people who maintain a zero (empty) inbox and wondered how on earth they do it? Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to....
how to get motivated

How to Get Motivated: The Best Trick to Getting in Gear NOW

How to get motivated all comes down to one thing. Learn how to “trick yourself” so you can get in gear NOW and start moving towards your....
business weekly to do list - a creatively decorated planner

Your Business Desperately Needs a Weekly “To Do” List – Here’s Why

A weekly to do list is one of the BEST things you can do for your business. It will save you from ever forgetting any of those teeny tiny (but very....
best keyboard shortcuts: computer keyboard laying on a desk

Best Keyboard Shortcuts: Add Hours to Your Life

After learning these best keyboard shortcuts, you’ll take your computer efficiency to a new level! I pretty much LIVE for efficiency, and so it....

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