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The Simple Yet Profound Power of Changing Your Environment

Why is it that since I’ve relocated to Arizona I’ve watched some of my key habits change without even trying? And how can we take this....
congrats balloons at a party

Congrats! … Now What?

Why is it that when we finally achieve something we’ve been working toward for so long, it can sometimes feel anticlimactic? A few weeks ago I....

What’s the Substitute for Hard Work?

The day after an unexpected opportunity to catch Madonna live in Detroit on her 40 Years Celebration Tour, of everything she said what stands out to....

5 Easy (& Ethical) Ways to Use ChatGPT at Work

Have you struggled with knowing exactly how to use ChatGPT? Fear not! Here are five easy ways you can use it at work to save yourself time (and....
a car gaining more and more speed - the blurry view of movement out the window

The Power of Momentum (& Making It Work for You)

If you ever struggle with procrastination or motivation (in other words if you’re a normal person), the power of momentum could be the secret to....
a person at the top of a tall sand dune

Perseverance at Its Finest: The 1 Secret to Not Giving Up

When someone perseveres through all obstacles to achieve their vision, what is their secret? I’ll tell you. This week, I received a text from an....
crumpled up pieces of paper in a trash can

Do You Know When to Quit?

There comes a point in every person’s mental or creative stamina when progress is no longer being made. Thus, sometimes the key to top-notch....
basketball going swish into the hoop

These 3 Tools Could Be Game-Changers for Your Business

There are about 2 million web apps/tools out there that promise to revolutionize your business. I can’t speak for all of them, but I will say....

Learn to Bookmark Like a PRO & Change Your Life

How many articles, videos, etc. do you see each day and think “Hmm, I’d like to check that out at some point”? If you’re like....

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