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unplug yourself: beautiful pink clouds at sunset

Unplug Yourself: 3 Tips to Feel More Peaceful

When you unplug yourself from technology for just a while, it can open up space for creativity, inspiration, and insight. You probably don’t....
benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles: the corner of a jigsaw puzzle in progress

Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles: 3 Life Lessons

I never would have thought the benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles would have included these life lessons. I’ve done a WHOLE lot of puzzling during....
how to keep new year's resolutions: view of the ocean and horizon

Here’s How to Keep New Years Resolutions: A *Different* Approach

Everyone wants to know how to keep New Years resolutions. 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail because a) we make resolutions for all the wrong....
I'm too busy! a bustling train station with lots of people

“I’m too busy!” – 5 Questions to Finally Make a Change

If you constantly hear yourself thinking “I’m too busy!” and feel like you have far too little time, these 5 questions just might....
Trello for Business: screenshot of a trello board with lots of text and images

Trello for Business Owners: 3 Creative Ways to Get Organized

Take your organization and work processes to a whole new level with these three creative Trello tips for business owners! What is Trello? Trello is a....
How to Become More Creative: kickstart your creativity a woman holding a bright sparkler

How to Become More Creative: 5 Ways to Kickstart Creativity

How can we become more creative? While it can sometimes feel out of our hands, in truth there is much we can do to usher in creativity! “You....
What Does Eat the Frog Mean? kermit the frog hanging onto a wire upside

What Does “Eat the Frog” Mean? The Ultimate Productivity Hack

Ever wonder what the phrase “eat the frog” means? It comes from Mark Twain. Here’s everything you need to know about the ultimate....
how to have a great relationship with time

Your Relationship With Time: Love it & You’ll Always Have Enough

Create a loving relationship with time, and you’ll always have enough. An Unsettling Realization And so it was at last in that moment, at 7:25....
quick problem solving - a light bulb sitting in the sand on a beach

The Key to Quick Problem Solving: Stay Open to a Fast Solution

Who decided that quick problem solving is hard or even impossible? When we remain open to the possibility of it being easy, we allow solutions to....

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