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how to stay creative: a round loaf of bread with beautiful ornate carvings in the crust

How to Stay Creative: What 3 Artists Did During COVID

Just wait until you see what these three creative artists made in their homes during Covid quarantine. Whatever your situation is, chances are....
life lessons learned: someone looking through a pair of glasses that they're holding

Life Lessons Learned: How a “Lesson Journal” Will Change Everything

When our life lessons learned go into a “lesson journal,” we can finally stop making those same silly mistakes over and over again. How....
how to have the best vacation ever: teal car driving by the sand and the ocean

How to Have the Best Vacation Ever: It’s Not What You Think!

When we think about how to have the best vacation ever, rarely do we think about how much we look FORWARD to it beforehand. My longtime friend is....
fun ways to cure the winter blues: a bouquet roses on top of a window with an icy cold white winter outside

Fun Ways to Cure the Winter Blues

These fun ways to cure the winter blues will break up the monotony, get the juices flowing, and spark inspiration and creativity. If you’ve....
life before COVID: reflection in a puddle of a woman holing an umbrella, bright blue sky behind her

Life Before COVID: That Thing Formerly Known as “Your Life”

Have you almost forgotten about the thing formerly known as your life before COVID? I had a singularly strange and eye-opening experience yesterday....
how to keep new year's resolutions: view of the ocean and horizon

Here’s How to Keep New Years Resolutions: A *Different* Approach

Everyone wants to know how to keep New Years resolutions. 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail because a) we make resolutions for all the wrong....
End of the Year Reflection Questions: a single wild flower on top of the page of an open book

End of the Year Reflection Questions: Let’s Take a Moment

Before we rush into goals and resolutions for the new year, let’s take a moment with these end of the year reflection questions. It’ll....
Cultivating Gratitude: Thank You! on a background of fall autumnal leaves

Cultivating Gratitude: Two Magic Words

In difficult times, cultivating gratitude with these two magic words can turn everything around. Any entrepreneur will tell you that as grand as....
Indoor Winter Activities for Adults: frost on a window pane in winter

Indoor Winter Activities: 10 Hobby Ideas You’ll Love

These 10 hobby ideas make the perfect indoor winter activities when the weather gets cold. It’s that time of year again. Most of the leaves have....

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