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a woman thinking and looking at the mountains

What were your favorite parts of 2021?

It doesn’t have to take more than five minutes. Before we rush into 2022, let’s stop and take a moment to remember our favorite parts of....

A Holiday Gift From Me to You

I hope you’ll enjoy this spiced nuts recipe that my family has been making for years. It’s become one of my most favorite parts of the....

Things to Do On Thanksgiving Day: 10 Fun & Creative Traditions

These 10 creative ideas for things to do on Thanksgiving Day are sure to give your family something NEW to do this year. Which one will you try? What....
cupcake with candle

On My 38th Birthday, 38 Things I Love About Life (in no particular order)

A fantastic night’s sleep Occasionally painting my nails some bright and crazy color My fabulous, creative, kind, FUN, and loving group of....
Should I delete my Facebook? Woman in a beautiful natural setting looking at her phone looking anxious

3 Reasons I Knew It Was Time to Delete My Facebook Account

“Should I delete my Facebook account?” is a question that more and more of us are asking ourselves these days. If these three signs feel....

Learning to Ride the Ebb and Flow of Business (and Life)

Sometimes the best thing to do during “slow” or “down” times is to just hold on. I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I started a....
women of color quotes - a colorful bouquet of flowers

11 Inspiring Quotes From Women of Color

After growing tired of Googling “inspiring quotes” and finding for the most part a whole lot of quotes from white men, I decided to....
Begin living a minimalist lifestyle - two white doors opening up to an empty white room

My Adventures in Minimalism: 5 Questions to Change Your Life

How does one begin living a minimalist lifestyle? While there is no one perfect place to begin, these five questions will undoubtedly start you on the....
creative ways to say thank you - blocks outdoors on a sunny day that spell thank you

Creative Ways to Say Thank You: 10 Unique Ideas

When you really want to show someone your sincere appreciation, these creative ways to say thank you won’t let you down. Sometimes a simple....

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