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guitar player on stage

Don’t let the moment pass you by

When you have a feeling that you need to do something in the moment, you’d better heed that call. I got the crazy idea to attend the....
Front door with wreath

5 Touches That Turned This House Into a Home

What is it that makes a house feel like a home? I believe it’s not one single thing, but rather a collection of touches acquired over many years....
solar eclipse

1 Minute and 47 Seconds of Awe

Have you ever had an experience that filled you with a singular sense of awe and wonder? There’s a scene from the 2013 documentary Antarctica: A....
plane in the air the sunset

Endings: A Look On the Brighter Side

Endings can typically give us a feeling of melancholy. But does it have to be that way? Whether it’s the end of the party, the end of a trip, or....
woman giving someone a care package

The World’s Greatest Care Package: 3 Dos and 1 Do Not

When someone you love is sick or injured, a care package is a wonderful way to show them you care. But what to include? As so it happens, I’ve....
a neatly wrapped gift next to a succulent plant

How to Be a Gift Giving Superstar

If you don’t want to be known as a gift-giving rockstar, you probably shouldn’t read this blog post about 5 ways to level up your....
woman getting kisses from her dog

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

The best (and highly underrated) part of missing a thing is how sweet it will be when at last you’re reunited. Earlier this month I was apart....
excited fans at a concert

You Can Make Your Own Rules

How one of my favorite bands taught me that all rules are meant to be rewritten when the need arises. Last year I got an email from a band I follow....
father walking with young children in a field of poppies on a summer's day

What if These Are “The Good Old Days”?

As you look back on your life and recall your happiest periods, did you in those times realize they were to be your “good old days?”....

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