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cactus and mountains in Arizona - digital nomad tips for running a business while traveling away from home

5 “Digital Nomad” Tips for Running Your Business While Traveling

My dog and I are starting off 2023 spending a month in sunny Phoenix! Here are five things I’ve learned about running a business while traveling....

What Were Your 5 Wins This Year?

This time of year, it’s easy to get swept up in planning for the coming year. But before you do, why not take five minutes to recall your top....
Plates and silverware before Thanksgiving dinner

10 Thanksgiving FUN Facts … and 2 Funny Comics

In case you run into any awkward lulls during political talk at Thanksgiving dinner this year, here are some conversation starters that might just....
Janelle Haskell playing guitar

BIG NEWS! Introducing Janelle Haskell, Singer-Songwriter

Who is Janelle Haskell? Read on to find out. Introducing a whole new side of me. It’s official. I’m a folk musician! As some of you know....
Puppy peeking out of a laundry hamper

20 Ways My Dog Makes My Life Better

How has my sweet boy made life more worth living? Let me count the ways… Hudson, this one is for you. 1. Unconditional Love – Of course....
broken piggy bank

When to “Spend Big” – a Minimalist’s Perspective

There are lots of times when NOT spending the money is the smarter move – but not always. How can you tell when to spend big and when to save?....
tree in the wind

Look for the Silver Lining

A story of thunderstorms, fallen trees, power outages, and finally, unforeseen wins shows us that even in undisputably “bad” situations....

Got the “End of Summer” Blues? Try This.

If you’re someone who feels a touch of melancholy as summer is coming to a close, a “Season Past & Forward Look” might be just....

50,000 Hand-Painted Honey Bees … And Not Just For the “Buzz” of It

Matt Willey is on a journey to hand paint 50,000 honey bees – the same number of bees in a hive – by way of murals and art installations....

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