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alternative other words for blog

What’s in a Word? 50 Alternatives When “Blog” Just Isn’t Good Enough

Often times we’ll name the page for our posts “Blog” without giving it a second thought – but the truth is, there are about a....
woman sitting at her laptop working on SEO

3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Improve Your Website’s SEO

It doesn’t take long to realize that stepping into the world of SEO is the beginning of a very deep rabbit hole. To simplify matters, here are....
project yourself from scope creep - tiny yellow van in front of a life-size yellow van

3 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Dreaded “Scope Creep”

“Scope Creep” refers to when the overall amount of work required for a project begins to “creep” beyond what was originally....
woman talking on the phone - successful first call with a prospective client

The 5 Secrets to a Successful “First Call” With a Prospective Client

It’s your first call with a prospective client and more than anything you want it to go well. These five tips and mindset shifts will ensure....
Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation website

Does YOUR website have these 6 things?

In the midst of an Ellanyze website audit and makeover, we made these six huge improvements to the Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation website. Could....
three potted plants growing - ways to change your money mindset and raise your prices

5 Ways to Improve Your Money Mindset (and Raise Your Prices)

One of the best (and worst) parts of being in business for yourself is that you set your own prices. On the one hand, the sky is the limit! On the....
video background on website

Get Your Website “Ultra-Hip” With Video Backgrounds: 3 Tips

Background video is a great way to add movement, visual interest, and modern flair to your website. Here are three tips to make sure you reap the....
person browsing stock photo website

Choosing Photos? Avoid These 4 Pitfalls

Within the entire process of putting your website together, choosing your photos has got to be one of the most fun parts. But before you get lost in....
woman at laptop looking overwhelmed

5 Signs Your Website Might Be Overwhelming Your Visitors

Hands on their head in distress is NOT exactly what you’re hoping people will do while visiting your website, right? Below are five signs your....

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