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compass laying on a wood table

3 Reasons to Start With Why

Business owners are entering into a new paradigm: one in which we are encouraged to talk not just about what we do – but also why we do it. As....
woman dancing joyously

Put Your Personality into Your Business!

Did you ever hear about the New Jersey pediatric dentist who went viral when he started performing magic tricks for his young patients? Out of a....
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Terrified to Speak? Remember These 3 Things.

I was recently a guest speaker at LA2M, a popular monthly marketing group in downtown Ann Arbor. Each month LA2M presents a speaker on a....
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Three Navigation Quick Tips

I know what you’re thinking – website navigation: B-O-R-I-N-G. But hear me out: it’s important. Really important actually....
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My Favorite Website Mistake

My favorite website mistake (to fix) is often overlooked because at its essence it’s rooted in basic human nature: we as human beings are....
Ellanyze - websites that align with you

Say Hello to Ellanyze

In celebration of the rebrand of my business in creating Ellanyze, I present to you a list of FAQ to explain all the ins and outs of why and how my....
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My Recipe for a Rebrand

“Is it me and do I love it?” This is the simple yet powerful question that led me to the eventual complete rebrand of my business that....
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5 Great Conversation Starters

“Where are you from?” “Do you come here often?” …yawn… Never be afraid to ask great questions. When I’m out....
a funnel

What is a work funnel?

Have you ever given any real thought to how you get work? If you trace backward and consider each step of the process that had to happen to get you....

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