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what does above the fold mean? a food website on a laptop sitting atop a stylish table

What Does Above the Fold Mean in Web Design? 5 Tips to Rock it

What does the phrase “above the fold” mean in the web design world? Find out, as well as five ways to completely and utterly rock it. In ....
website content writing: a message in a bottle laying by the side of the river

Website Content Writing 101: Write Copy That Captivates!

When it comes to website content writing, putting your audience top of mind is the name of the game. Here are five ways to power-up your copy so it ....
Website Discovery Questions: a handheld sparkler glowing in the dark

Website Discovery Questions: Find Direction & Inspiration

If you’re looking to get a little inspired about what your website could be and do for your business, these 10 website discovery questions are ....
make website mobile friendly: woman sitting at her laptop with her phone in the hand

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly: The Ultimate Checklist

This must-have checklist will help you to make your website mobile friendly so it rocks for ALL visitors, including those on their phones. Sure, your ....
how to list services on website: butterfly in three different stages of development

How to List Services on Your Website: Secrets to Rockin’ It

How can we list our services on our website in a way that’s clear, effortless, and captivating? These three quick tips will get you where you ....
When is it Time to Redesign Your Website? three tarot cards laid out in a row, with swans on them

When is it Time to Redesign Your Website? The 10 Surefire Signs

If you’re been wondering when is it time to redesign your website, see if you’ve caught yourself thinking or saying any of these 10 ....
Wondering What to Put in a Website Footer? an example of a creatively designed and very colorful website footer

Wondering What to Put in a Website Footer? Here’s 10 Great Ideas

If you’ve ever been wondering what to put in your website footer, it’s all about intention and authenticity. These 10 tips for a great ....
a blue cereal bowl with a spoon and no cereal inside, just empty

How to Make a Website Look Professional: 5 Tricks of the Trade

Maybe you have a DIY site and you’re wondering how to make a website look professional. These five 5 pro-tips will get your website looking like ....
best plugins for wordpress - tiles on a desk spelling out wordpress with computer keyboard and phone nearby

Best Plugins for WordPress: 10 All-Time Favorites

These best plugins for WordPress (and also favorites) incluee a little bit of SEO, a little bit of FAQ, and just about everything in between. Do you ....

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