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web design trends 2022

Web Design Trends Coming in 2022

What web design trends are coming up in the new year ahead? Read on to find out… Ok, I confess – this is one of my FAVORITE blog posts to ....
spice up your website

Website Feeling Stagnant? 5 Ways to Spice Things Up

If you’re guilty of having let your website “just sit there” for months (or even years!) you are definitely not alone. Enjoy these ....
website about me page tips

15 Creative Prompts For a Stellar “About Me” Page

For a lot of business owners, the “About Me” page is one of the most frequently viewed pages on their website … and it’s no ....
site slow to load - woman driving a car

Speed Up Your Site: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

There is just about NOTHING worse than a website that is slow to load. If your website is performing sluggishly, here are five things you can do to ....
best contact us page examples

5 Best Contact Us Pages & What We Love About Each

These five examples of the best contact pages on the web will show you how to create a contact us page that sparks leads for your business. Pop quiz: ....
Janelle at her desk with colored pencils

3 Women Artists Doing Things Their Way

These three women artists have tremendous creativity, passion, and drive that is sure to inspire you! SO very many of my clients sincerely amaze me ....
website landing page design

Designing a Website Landing Page: The 10 Key Components

How do you design a landing page for your website? These 10 key components are the secret to creating a landing page that sparks ACTION. What is a ....
website color psychology - rainbow hot air balloon flying over the desert

Website Color Psychology: Which Palette Is Right For YOU?

The choice of what color palette to use on your website should have very little to do with your personal preferences and everything to do with ....
Benefits of WordPress - a typewriter typing out the word WordPress

5 Reasons Why I Love WordPress

The benefits of using WordPress are vast and plenty. Read on to learn five great reasons to make WordPress your website building platform of choice. ....

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