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website color psychology - rainbow hot air balloon flying over the desert

Website Color Psychology: Which Palette Is Right For YOU?

The choice of what color palette to use on your website should have very little to do with your personal preferences and everything to do with ....
Benefits of WordPress - a typewriter typing out the word WordPress

5 Reasons Why I Love WordPress

The benefits of using WordPress are vast and plenty. Read on to learn five great reasons to make WordPress your website building platform of choice. ....
What should I blog about? laptop on a desk with a string of pretty lights

“What Should I Blog About?” 20 Ideas to Get You Started

It’s one of the most common questions I hear from clients – “What should I blog about?” In short, you should blog about ....
What pages should I have on my website? four images: woman at computer, talk bubble, starry night sky, lilacs in a basket

What Pages Should a Website Have? Here’s the Must-Have List.

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the question, “What pages should a website have?” you’re in luck: this is the ....
Best WordPress plugins for SEO and Better Page rank: Google PoGoogle front page on a cell phone sitting on top of a marble countertop

The Best WordPress Plugins for SEO and Better Page Ranking

These best WordPress plugins for SEO are easy to install and set up, and can make a huge difference. How do more website visitors and a higher page ....
laptop with beautiful desktop image sitting on a coffee table

Website Homepage Ideas: 3 Designs That Will Inspire You

Website homepage ideas come from inspiration, and these three websites REALLY knocked it out of the park, so here are some quick tips you can take ....
website content ideas: bouquet of tulips laying on top of a white computer keyboard

Website Content Ideas: 20 ways to “Freshen Up” Your Website

Website content ideas in spring are just the thing, so here are 20 suggestions to inspire and ignite you. The trees are budding, the daffodils are ....
creative website ideas: two feet sticking up in the air, wearing black converse

Creative Website Ideas: 5 Ways to Put a Little “You” Into Your Website

Put more of your personality into your website with these five creative website ideas. Anyone who knows me knows that when I work with my clients on ....
Cool WordPress Plugins: a laptop on top of a table with a very colorful wallpaper in the background

Cool WordPress Plugins in 2021: Fun and Free!

Here are five fun and free cool WordPress plugins that might just help your business in 2021. Enjoy! One of the coolest things about WordPress is ....

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