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various computer monitors with different shapes and lines inside each

Let’s Get Creative with Website Forms: 5 Ways

Yes, you probably have a simple contact form on your website. But I bet you’re not using a website form for the following five things –....
homepage of Lowertown Bar and Cafe website

Websites I LOVE Series: Lowertown Bar & Cafe

While driving near my old stomping grounds, I discovered a new bar and cafe had opened in the hood! Upon checking out their website, I found I LOVED....
statue of the scales of justice

Avoid These 3 Website Legal Pitfalls

The last thing any business owner or creative needs to get in trouble legally for something on their website. Here are three things to watch out for....
The Hairy Dog website

Websites I LOVE Series: The Hairy Dog

I discovered a website I LOVE while looking for a groomer to clean up my dog in Arizona! Here are five takeaways you can apply to your own website....
magazine stand

Hot Off The Press: 5 Tips for Incorporating Press Into Your Website

As a business owner, press is important. It equals credibility, experience, and knowledge. So if you’ve got any press, here’s how to....

The 11 Emotional Stages of Re-Doing Your Website

The journey of redoing your website is a wonderful one – with many stages! Read on to learn just what to expect, and maybe get some laughs while....
web design trends 2024

Web Design Trends Coming in 2024

It’s the post you’ve been waiting for! Here are some of what you’ll see on websites in 2024. This is consistently one of my....
person downloading the WordPress mobile app from a tablet

5 Big WordPress No-Nos

Do you have a WordPress website? If so, then whatever you do, don’t do this 🙂 It’s no secret that I love WordPress. With its tremendous....
Woman's facial expression extremely displeased

5 Laughably Bad Websites

Ready to laugh? Good, because these five websites are bad – laughably bad. Learn from them what not to do on your own. Have you ever learned how....

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