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woman on her laptop with a dog

My 5 Favorite Online Tech Tools Right Now

Oh the world of online tools! It can be quite overwhelming. To simplify things, here are my five favorites right now. Have a read and see if one of....
woman with dustpan

Meet the “App Sweep”: An Awesome Way to Save & Simplify

Do you know exactly what apps you’re paying for and what they amount to each year? An “app sweep” is a great way to get clear on....
best keyboard shortcuts: computer keyboard laying on a desk

Best Keyboard Shortcuts: Add Hours to Your Life

After learning these best keyboard shortcuts, you’ll take your computer efficiency to a new level! I pretty much LIVE for efficiency, and so it....
Random Useful Websites: an open book with a pen in the middle

Random Useful Websites That You’ll LOVE and Bookmark for Later

Once you learn about these five random useful websites, you’ll want to bookmark them pronto for later use! I believe, and have believed for some....
Best Apps For Small Business Owners computer screen with various app icons along the bottom

Best Apps For Small Business Owners: 10 Ways to Make Life Easier

The best apps for small business owners are a combination of marketing, organization, productivity, and communication tools. These days, there’s....
website acronyms you should know

Tech Acronyms: Computer and Website Abbreviations You’ll Love Knowing

For all those times someone dropped tech acronyms that made you think “What…?” here are the six website and computer acronyms that....
easiest ways to send large files

How to Send Large Files Over the Internet Fast and Free

These five methods for how to send large files over the internet are all fast – and all free. Take your pick! Pop Quiz: what do you do when you....
5 Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO

SEO Quick Tips: 5 Easy Steps to Better Page Ranking

These SEO quick tips will help you to figure out what keywords to target and then how to build them into your website at all levels. Ok, here’s....
google analytics tips for entrepreneurs

How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Website: 3 Simple Ways

The world of how to use Google Analytics can be overwhelming, to say the least, so here are three easy metrics you can look at and use to make....

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