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Did you know the top cause of malware on WordPress websites is not keeping your backend up to date? Let me take care of updating your WordPress version, themes, and plugins every week so you can focus on the work you love.



WordPress is the best, isn't it? My clients love how it allows them to edit all their website content and create new blog posts with ease and confidence.

But here's the thing. As great as WordPress is, it requires one thing to work well for you. It requires updating on the back end to keep it safe from malware and hackers.

But who has time for that?


That's where I come in. When you sign up for WordPress Safe & Secure, I'll keep your WordPress version (check!), themes (check!), and plugins (check!) all updated each and every week.

Keeping the backend of your WordPress website up to date is the single best thing you can do to protect your website from being hacked or injected with malware.

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Under the WordPress Safe & Secure plan, I will update your WordPress version, theme, and plugins once a week.

This plan does not include: 1) Content edits to your website (i.e. text, photos, blog posts, etc), 2) Plugin updates that cannot be made directly from your WordPress dashboard (i.e. if you have a premium plugin that needs to be manually downloaded from the plugin website and uploaded each time there is an update), or 3) Any hosting settings that need to be updated such as your PHP version.

Once you pay your invoice, I will begin completing all backend updates on your WordPress at a minimum of once per week.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, virtually nothing can 100% guarantee that your website will not be compromised by hackers. However, the #1 cause of WordPress websites being hacked is due to a simple lack of backend updates, so by signing up for this plan, you are greatly diminishing your chances of being hacked.

If you are interested in further protecting your website, please get in touch with me about migrating your website to one of the most secure hosting platforms for WordPress websites (in several years, I’ve literally never seen a website hosted on this platform become compromised). My fee to migrate a WordPress website to this hosting platform is $500.

Malware cleanup is not a service that I offer. If your website is compromised, I recommend Sucuri for malware cleanup.

Yes, you may cancel your recurring invoice at any time while under this plan. If you cancel your invoice, I will continue making your updates for the rest of your 1-year billing cycle and then discontinue updates at that time.

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Let's do this! If you'd like to sign up for WordPress Safe & Secure, please fill out the form below to get started. The cost of this plan is just $150/year. And to make life easier for busy entrepreneurs like you, I offer recurring credit card payments so you can "set it and forget it."

After you submit the form, you'll receive an email with your next steps to enroll and what to expect. Let's give your WordPress website the TLC it deserves!

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Your brand and website are the heart of your presence online and, now more than ever, it's imperative that these pieces are a heartfelt direct extension of who you are. I'd love to be your partner and co-collaborator in creating a brand and a website that are a perfect reflection of you and your business.


What would it feel like to have a trusted website person in your inner circle? Someone to help make sure your WordPress website keeps up with your ever-changing business and an ever-changing world? One monthly fee - unlimited possibilities.

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