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You'll dream, I'll scheme, and we'll create a brand and website to attract those you're meant to serve.

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I've learned first-hand the magic that can happen when your brand and website are so perfectly aligned with you that after visiting your website, people feel like they've sat down with you for a warm beverage and truly come to know you, your passion, and your gifts.

This is my desire for you: I want you to feel supremely confident that your website is everything it can and should be - that perfect reflection of you and your business.

Are you ready?


The ellanyze Proven Process

When you and I clear away all of our other commitments for three days (spread out over the course of 2 consecutive weeks), we can get more accomplished than you could possibly imagine. Get ready to move from Strategy to Launch in just three days.



To kick things off, we'll "break the ice" so I may come to truly know and see you for your passion, gifts, and what's totally unique about you from everyone else who does what you do. Together we’ll figure out the big picture of what will serve you best in a new brand + website.


Two unique design mockups catered specially to you and your business will be crafted with the utmost care and attention. We'll review your designs together via a video Zoom call, and finalize your new brand + website design.



Using our finalized design, I'll build out the framework of your new website and employ all the features you're looking for using the WordPress platform. While I'm working on the site build, you'll work on your content "to do" list which I'll provide.


Once your shiny new website is ready, meaning we've built out all your pages, gone over everything together, and completed all necessary testing, we’ll get it online and live for all the world to see!



As a fellow heart-centered entrepreneur, I understand full well the need to be able to update your website on a whim should you need to do so. During this step, you'll gain the knowledge you need to maintain and edit your website for many years to come.


With my Keep it Fresh plan, you can count on me in the future for anything website related, including website edits/adds, photo and messaging feedback, backend updates, and lots more. Learn more on the Keep it Fresh page.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please let me know.

I began the first iteration of my web design business way back in 2010, making my business 10 years old! In that time I’ve designed and built over 120 websites for a wide variety of heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Because of the time, care, and creativity that I put into each and every one of my projects, my full custom website design and build projects run in the range of $3K – $10K. Your fee will depend upon how many pages you need as well as how many advanced featured your website will require, such as a call/meeting scheduler, onsite shopping cart, reservation system, or something else. To contact me and receive a complimentary proposal, please fill out the form on my contact page.

Three days. My web design process used to stretch on for months, but I’ve learned over my ten years creating websites that when you and I clear away all of our other commitments for three days (spread out over the course of two weeks), we can get more accomplished than you could possibly imagine. This “dive deep” into you, your brand, and your vision for your business, and your website, allows us the singular focus to create something truly spectacular.

Ellanyze is a combination of the words Ella (meaning “she”), and Synchronize. To me, Ellanyze represents the feminine that I embody and bring to my work, as well as the synchronization that will happen in our work together: my favorite thing in the world is getting to know you for who you really are, seeing your passion, your uniqueness, and your gifts – and then creating a brand and website that are a perfect reflection of that.

Definitely! Everything I design and build for you will be 100% owned by you at the end of a project, for you to do what you wish with. I also have a practice of making sure all domain and hosting accounts are in your own name to ensure that you maintain full ownership of everything related to your website (I am happy to provide assistance in setting up these accounts on your behalf).

If you’ve been using a DIY or template-based website for the past few years and have realized you’re ready to partner with a professional, gain clarity about where you’re headed, and create a unique-to-you website to get your business to that next level – I would bet we’re going to be a great fit! I work especially well with heart-centered entrepreneurs, meaning those who do their work for more than just the profit – those who put their hearts into their work each and every day.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a quick little job, to get a website up as soon as humanly possible, feel like you “really just need something super simple,” or you’re shopping around for the most affordable designer, I am most likely not the person you are looking for.

Because at the end of our three days together, you will have a brand new fully-functioning website, I typically accept a 50% deposit upfront and then the remaining 50% within seven days of your website launch. However, if this is not possible for you, please let me know and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Every task related to the creation of your new website is done by me, Janelle. I consider myself to be a happy “middle ground” between having a DIY template website and hiring a team of ten at a full-blown marketing agency. I am one single woman who knows how to strategize, vision, plan, design, code, build, launch, and beyond.

No. For each one of my clients, I create between one and three (dependent on which package you choose) custom design mockups from scratch, and then once we’ve finalized your website design, I use WordPress to build that design and bring it to life.

Yes. If you are not happy with any of the website mockup designs I create for you, I will return your deposit. In my ten years in business, this has never happened, but it remains my guarantee nonetheless.

If you’re a person who loves to dive in, go deep, make decisions, act fast, and get things done NOW – I’d bet you’re going to love it. For you, we could even schedule your three days all in one week i.e. Monday/Wednesday/Friday if you prefer.

That being said, if you’re a person who often needs some time to percolate a bit in order to make decisions about things, then scheduling our three days over the course of the two or even three weeks (i.e. on three recurring Wednesdays) may be a better fit for you.

If you’re worried about how this process will work for you personally, please reach out and let’s chat. I’m happy to answer any questions or address any concerns.

I am not providing WordPress bug fixes at this time. Please take a look at my Partner’s Page for the names of some folks who may be able to help.

A collection of websites I’ve designed and built is available for view on my Portfolio Page. If you’re looking for more website examples in a particular industry, feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to accommodate.

Oh yeah! Think about it: if you and I worked on a website over the course of six months, we’d be constantly leaving the project and then coming back to it later amidst our lives full of distractions and other people/places/things demanding our attention. But when we spend three laser-focused days together, it allows us to “dive deep” into you, your brand, your business, where you want to be, and use that singular focus to create something truly spectacular.

Absolutely. Many of my clients need a fresh logo and brand to go along with their new website, but if you already have these pieces clearly set and defined, I would be delighted to work with you in creating a website that aligns with you and your business, as well as with your existing logo and brand.

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What would it feel like to have a trusted website person in your inner circle? Someone to help make sure your WordPress website keeps up with your ever-changing business and an ever-changing world? One monthly fee - unlimited possibilities.


Did you know the top cause of malware on WordPress websites is not keeping your backend up to date? Let me take care of updating your WordPress version, themes, and plugins every week so you can focus on the work you love.

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