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Engage: Lost Art of Conversation

JUNE 2019

We interviewed Janelle because her name consistently comes up as someone who people trust to connect them to resources in Ann Arbor.

Janelle shared her epiphany during her 10-year experience in New York and how she decided she couldn’t allow her introversion to keep her from getting out and connecting with others. As Janelle put it, it comes down to something a lot of us hate - introverts and extroverts alike: “I hate getting out there to sell to people.”

In this interview, Janelle shares her approach to making networking more comfortable.
Cover of BRICK Magazine Ann Arbor

Brick Magazine

APRIL 2018

Meet Janelle Reichman, a world-famous jazz clarinetist and web designer. We caught up with Janelle to learn how she's bridging the gap between what she loves and what she does and allowing these to be one and the same in both of her careers.

Michigan Entrepreneur TV

MAY 2018

Tara Kachaturoff is the creator, producer, and host of Michigan Entrepreneur — a weekly television talk show featuring businesses from start-up to stellar, as well as organizations that support entrepreneurship and business development.

ann arbor SPARK usa

Ann Arbor SPARK

JUNE 2017

For Janelle Reichman, the lure of returning back to the mitten proved irresistible. A professional musician in NYC for a decade moved back to Ann Arbor where she’s now a successful web designer.

We asked Janelle more about her journey and she shared her candid insights with us.