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a vision board made up with collage and magazine clippings

My First Vision Board

When a friend invited me to her “vision board making” party, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was in for. I did not. I’ ....
a woman in the snow blowing snowflakes from her hands

5 Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs During the Holidays

“Time off? What’s time off?” – Every entrepreneur who ever lived I find the single most challenging thing about being an ....
a colorful birthday cake covered with sprinkles and one candle

The Birthday List

Remember when you were a kid and your birthday was the thing that you most looked forward to all year? It was that day of ultimate fun when you were ....
a plant with little buddha statues on a desk with artwork

The Vast Rewards of a “You-cation”

Does it ever seem like you can never quite get to those things in life you’re most excited about? Those things you’d love to do that are ....
a pocket watch swinging from side to side

Take Control of Your Time

Do you ever feel like time is in control of you instead of the other way around? This is exactly how I felt most of my adult life – until ....
a funnel

What is a work funnel?

Have you ever given any real thought to how you get work? If you trace backward and consider each step of the process that had to happen to get you ....
microphone in front of a very large audience

Public Speaking 101

Public speaking is a powerful way to build any business. Not only does it establish you as an expert, but it also allows you to be seen and heard by ....
glass jar full of coins

5 Easy Ways to Save Money

I’ve noticed that any blog posts I write related to saving money are always a hit – so here’s another one. Here are five ways to ....
a pile of magnetic poetry magnets

Build Your Vocabulary: 5 Tips

Why do people long to learn new words? Some people want to sound smarter. Other people are simply lovers of the English language. I myself find it ....

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