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quick problem solving - a light bulb sitting in the sand on a beach

The Key to Quick Problem Solving: Stay Open to a Fast Solution

Who decided that quick problem solving is hard or even impossible? When we remain open to the possibility of it being easy, we allow solutions to ....
nuance in web design

Web Design Tips: 5 Nuances That Will Make All the Difference

These five seemingly subtle web design tips will mean the difference between a website that looks DIY and one that looks totally pro. I had a rather ....
website social media a laptop with a phone

Your Website + Social Media: 5 Powerful Ways to Integrate the Two

When you integrate your website and social media, it’s a happy marriage that can bring highly fruitful results. You KNOW you’re supposed ....
show your website some love this valentine's day

Freshen Up Your Website: 3 Ways to Show Your Website Some LOVE

Freshen up your website with these three creative tips for rekindling the flame and showing your website some love. Remember when you and your website ....
Website Homepage Best Practices - a house with a grassy lawn

Website Homepage Best Practices: The Ultimate Checklist

These 10 website homepage best practices are a great place to start to make sure your homepage is elegant, informative, and compelling. Do you know ....
creative ways to use videos on your website

Video On Your Website: 3 Creative Ways to Rock It

Enjoy these three ways to put video on your website so your videos get noticed, appreciated – and most of all, watched. Let’s start this ....
how to create an awesome FAQ page on your website

FAQ Page Design: 10 Best Practices To Thrill Your Visitors

How do you design your FAQ page? These 10 best practices will show you how to set up an FAQ page that delights your website visitors. The day when I ....
ow to choose word of the year - pencil on a white background

How to Choose Your Word of the Year + Use It to Amp Up Your Website

Learn how to choose your word of the year for 2021 – and also how that very word can take your business website to the next level. Have you ....
one huge marketing mistake all business owners make

Marketing Mistakes: Here’s the #1 Thing Everyone Does

When it comes to marketing mistakes, this is the #1 biggest one that just about every business owner makes. Are you making it as well? I know what ....

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