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person holding a camera

Walk Away From a Photoshoot Happy

If you’re like most people, then the word that comes to mind when you think of having a photoshoot is not fun. We’re entrepreneurs – that is, we ....
laptop with a totally pink screen

Why Your DIY Website is Holding You Back

The problem with entrepreneurs is that they think they can do everything themselves. This is probably because building a business from the ground up ....
barcode symbol with a pencil

Eight Ways to Develop a Strong Personal Brand

What is a brand? Many people think that your brand is simply the aesthetic side of your business – meaning the colors and fonts that you use, and ....
person helping another person up a mountain

Why You Need a Personal Coach

Whether you’re working with a life coach, dating coach, health coach, or another kind of coach – they all have one thing in common: they ....
hand writing with a pen

The Perfect Bio (ten tips)

Whether you’re a consultant, a coach, or a creative, your website bio is crucial to your overall message – it’s where people go to ....
lots of logos

Fonts 101

Never underestimate the power of type. You may not realize it, but each time you observe an ad on the bus, read a flyer posted at your local coffee ....
huge collection of favicon icons

What’s a Favicon?

Favicons. After I tell you what they are, I promise you’re going to want your own right away, so keep reading. To see what a favicon is, first ....
people networking and shaking hands

The People List

It’s astounding how many people we actually know. Have you looked at how many Facebook friends you have as of late? Most likely you have hundreds if ....
color theory rainbow scheme colored pencils

Color Theory 101

Are you one of those people to whom “what colors look good together” is a vague and ambiguous mystery that can never be seen as any sort of exact ....

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