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woman dancing joyously

Put Your Personality into Your Business!

Did you ever hear about the New Jersey pediatric dentist who went viral when he started performing magic tricks for his young patients? Out of a ....
yellow door and green door side by side

5 Steps to Making Difficult Choices Without Regret

Do you remember the last time you had to make a really difficult choice? If it was recently, then you probably remember quite well how agonizing it ....
clarinet player on a stage with microphone

Letting Go of Perfectionism

I’m performing tomorrow night with my band at a local jazz festival in my city, and you know what? I’m not stressed or nervous about it. ....
phone laying face down on the bed

Your Life or Your Inbox: 3 Tips

Can you remember life before email? I’m 35 years old and very thankful that I can. It was a simpler, more peaceful existence. Slower paced and ....
event chairs in front of a speaker's stage

Terrified to Speak? Remember These 3 Things.

I was recently a guest speaker at LA2M, a popular monthly marketing group in downtown Ann Arbor. Each month LA2M presents a speaker on a marketing ....
Hamilton broadway show poster

We Need Bold Strokes

As I write this blog, I’m sitting aboard an Amtrak train running from Chicago to Ann Arbor. Technically I can’t call the trip my mom and ....
interior of an art museum

You Can’t See What You Can’t See

Museums are one of my absolute favorite places to play my clarinet. The sound of my instrument flows through the halls, reverberating and echoing to ....
street lights blurred in the distance

Three Navigation Quick Tips

I know what you’re thinking – website navigation: B-O-R-I-N-G. But hear me out: it’s important. Really important actually. It&; ....
a jigsaw puzzle piece laying all alone

Unfinished (Jigsaw) Puzzle

It’s my belief that every single one of us has an unfinished jigsaw puzzle in our home, somewhere or other. (let me explain) A few months ago ....

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