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lightbulb entrepreneurial operating system EOS

How EOS Transformed My Business

The Entrepreneurial Operating System illuminates even the darkest of rooms in your business. EOS benefits broken down. Fumbling around in a dark: ....
A book, cup of tea, and pears sitting on a placemat

5 Simple Self Care Tips

Add a little self-care to your routine this December: 5 tips. For some, December is the most joyous of all the months. The snowfall, the, ....
hands together in a circle teamwork

The Many Benefits of Board Experience

If I could give a single piece of advice to new business owners, it would be this: serve on the board of an organization in your local area. Really? ....
cropping a photo in the Mac Preview app

Resizing Photos Made Easy

Resizing photos or cropping them, once you know how to do it, is a skill you’ll use a lot more than you might think. Resizing and cropping ....
a bucket of paintbrushes

Get Inspired and Get Moving!

All too often when we’re feeling unmotivated and uninspired in our work, we wait for a change to miraculously come from within us. In these & ....
hand holding a thank you card and bouquet of flowers

The Simple Power of “Thank You”

As cheesy as it sounds, I’ve always cherished the minutes preceding my family’s yearly Thanksgiving meal during which we go around the ....
pile of envelopes

The Perfect Contact Page

Your website’s contact page. In the end, it’s what your entire website comes down to. After all, the reason you work so hard to set up a ....
empty desk with a closed laptop

Bust Through that Business Lull!

Oh, the entrepreneurial life – one moment we’re trying with all our might to keep our heads above water, and the next we’re ....
compass laying on a wood table

3 Reasons to Start With Why

Business owners are entering into a new paradigm: one in which we are encouraged to talk not just about what we do – but also why we do it. As ....

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