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I asked dozens of consultants & coaches what their single biggest pain point is in marketing their business, and do you know what they said?

They said what is hardest of all is finding the words that get to the heart of what they do.

One of our biggest challenges is finding the right words and messaging to convey our expertise and reach the hearts of those who need us most.

One of our biggest challenges is finding the right words and messaging to convey our expertise and reach the hearts of those who need us most.


  • You KNOW you’re amazing at what you do, but you feel like the words you’re using to talk about it aren’t reaching the people you know for a FACT need you desperately.
  • You wish you had a homepage headline so magnetic and compelling that it literally drew people in - and you suspect yours might just be taking up space.
  • People sometimes get confused about what exactly it IS that you do and who you do it for.
  • You’d love for your business to have the kind of tagline that people literally can’t forget.
  • You find it difficult to come up with messaging that’s not too salesy and instead feels true, powerful, authentic, and completely you.

If you had your hand up for any of that, I've got good news.
(it's ok ... Kermit is excited too!)



Confidence is bliss.

The #1 goal with my 3-step Message Makeover package is to allow consultants and coaches like you to communicate what you do with clarity and confidence - and in a way that’s downright compelling.

The language you’ll receive in your unique Message Makeover deliverable can be used on your website, in a brochure, while talking to a room of people, or literally anywhere you write or speak about your business.

Your target audience desperately needs you. Let’s create the messaging that will allow them to realize it.


Here’s what we’ll do together in your Message Makeover.


Step 1: Pre-Call Worksheet

One week before our call together, you’ll receive a pre-call worksheet via email. These questions will help you get to the heart of what’s working in your marketing language, what’s definitely NOT working, and what you most want to get out of our time together.


Step 2: Message Makeover Call

During your call, we’ll go through the various pieces of your marketing language one by one (depending on your needs this might include your mission statement, tagline, homepage headline, service titles, or something else) and come up with NEW language to take your message to the next level. No need to take notes during our session - just show up relaxed, fully present, your authentic self, and I’ll handle the rest. While some people schedule one single Message Makeover session, others end up booking multiple consecutive sessions to get through all their messaging.


Step 3: Your Deliverable

Within 48 hours of your session, you’ll receive your own personal Message Makeover deliverable, an elegant PDF including all of your customized messaging ideas, catered to the areas of your marketing language you requested help with most. And then? You get to shout your brand new messaging from the rooftops!

I would LOVE for you to know what it feels like to convey what you do in a way that’s clear, concise, compelling, and that speaks straight to the hearts of those who need you most.

I would LOVE for you to know what it feels like to convey what you do in a way that’s clear, concise, compelling, and that speaks straight to the hearts of those who need you most.


"Before I started working with Janelle, I truly had no idea how to transform what was in my head into something that would resonate with the right people. I was definitely stuck. Janelle helped me shift my verbiage from something that no longer resonated with me to something that is inspirational and deeply resonates with me. I will use her services every chance I get, as she elevates absolutely everything she touches."

Patti Bryant

Founder, The Way Back

"I know what my clients feel before and after I work with them and Janelle was masterful at pulling it out of me. She is invaluable. She helped me more in a 2-hour session than I could have imagined. She translated the "speak" on my site to powerful, compelling and rich messages that truly reflect what we do and how we work. If you are thinking of engaging with an expert that knows message delivery like no other, you'd be crazy not to pick Janelle... and I mean super-crazy not to."

Miche Rayment

Founder, The Hire Effect


Message Makeover is perfect for coaches/consultants/speakers who know they are complete experts in their field and amazing at what they do – but also know they’re not yet using those words in their marketing that will set off bells in the heads of their target audience and make them say, “You’re the person I need! You’re the person I’ve been waiting for!”

If you have not begun your messaging (in other words, if you’re starting from scratch), Message Makeover is not for you. This package is for those who have been iterating their messaging for some time now, feel stuck, and know intuitively that they need an outside perspective to get it to where it needs to be.

Anything you want! Often, coaches and consultants want to focus on their purpose/cause/passion (mission statement), tagline, service offering titles and descriptions, or homepage headline – but we can work on any pieces of your marketing messaging that you feel are most important.

When you submit the form at the bottom of this page, you will receive an invoice within 48 hours. As soon as your invoice is paid in full, within one business day you will receive a link to schedule your 1-hour or 2-hour long call (can be scheduled anytime within the next two weeks). After our call, you’ll receive your Message Makeover deliverable PDF within 48 hours.

Because we’ll be focusing on words and messaging during your call, and because I take rapid notes throughout the entire call, I typically hold these sessions over the phone. However, if you feel strongly about having a Zoom video call instead, just let me know.

Yes. A week before our call, you’ll receive a link to your pre-call worksheet which is a chance for you to tell me about your business, what you feel is working in your marketing, and what you feel is definitely not working. This helps to prepare me for our time together so we can make the absolute most of it!

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Message Makeover is available as a 1-hour session priced at $150 or a 2-hour session priced at $275. Fill out the form below, and we’ll be on our way!

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